The ZimVie Portfolio offers a large range of prosthetic restoration options to satisfy anatomical, physiological, and esthetic requirements.

ZimVie offers specialized and efficient production, backed up by many years of experience in implant dentistry and produces a wide range of solutions, focusing on optimal connection geometries, by using the latest technology to manufacture high-quality dental prostheses.

Products and Services  

Angulated Screw Channel (ASC)

Angling the screw access channel allows the screw access hole to be optimally positioned, improving the esthetics and the installation procedure of the ZimVie CustomBase solution.
Allows the screwdriver access channel to be angled up to 30 degrees off the implant axis. The screwdriver access channel is smaller diameter than the screw head diameter, therefore the screw is captured in the abutment/crown after cementation and should not be removed after the extraoral cementation.
Zfx Angulated Screwdriver is required during installation. The original Screw from the Implant System can be used.
Order the screwdriver in ZimVie eCommerce.
For available assortment, see ZimVie abutments implant compatibility chart

Connect your team to our open digital workflow

ZimVie provides digital solutions connectivity is a result of our commitment to deliver consistent, reliable and high quality digital implant solutions. That make it easier for everyone to connect; streamlining the workflow for all your restorations.

It supports the collaboration between all members of the treatment team and ZimVie and is present throughout the planning and treatment processes.

Connectivity also helps guarantee that you receive exactly what you expect each and every time. ZimVie abutments product line is compatible with a number of lab-based scanners on the market.